Friday, August 24, 2012

Automatis Tweets Dari Facebook Ke Twitter

Otomatis Tweets di twitter

Hay semua, Kali ini saya posting Update status facebook otomatis ngetweets ke twitter, langsung aja..
  • Pertama Login ke www.facebook.com
  • Lalu login ke www.twitter.com
  • Kalo sudah login buka pacebook.com/twitter/inbox.php
  • Lalu Click 'Link My Profile to Twitter' kalo gak ada facebook lo gak gaul
  • Udah di click nanti ada pertanyaan 'Authorize Facebook to use your account?' anda klick Authorize App jangan klick No,Thanks
  • Kalo udah nanti ada tulisan
    Your Facebook Profile is now linked to Twitter. You're now sharing your public updates on Twitter as awelqq. You can always Undo This. Remember: Only Facebook posts with a privacy setting of 'Public' will be shared on Twitter. Learn more about your privacy controls.
  • Kalo sudah tinggal Save Changes aja..
  • Oh iya, di fans page juga bisa.
Selesai deh,mudak kannn?? selamat menikmati.. Jangan lupa cendolnya gan.. bye bye .. .